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Naturist Massage Fees


You will be coming to visit me at my home in a superb of Leamington Spa, I have discreet safe and private parking in my driveway. I will be treating you with totally confidentiality and I expect the same in return. I am also easy to reach with just a 5 minute taxi ride from Leamington Spa Railway Station.

I have many years of training, massage and naturist massage experience and have undertaken many different types of massage training. After you arrive and settle in ( shower facilities are available before and after your massage session ) we will have a chat about your expectations, desires and needs. I will recommend for you the most beneficial and enjoyable mix of massage methods and styles to best meet your needs.

On offer there is  a variety very soft sensual and relaxing styles of massage through to a more vigorous and remedial sports massage which will help relax more stubborn muscles and help with stress, frozen shoulder, sore knees, tennis elbows, sciatic pain, carpel tunnel, back pain, wrist pain and foot pain etc.

Your experience and massage regime will be totally unique to you and will be tailored to the way that you feel at the time of your visit. One time when you come to see me you may want total relaxation another time you might benefit from mix of sports and relaxation techniques. Each time we can vary the experience so that you can try something different.

1 Hour £110 Both naked full body massage, Lingam Massage Included
1 ½ Hours £150 Both naked full body massage, Intimate reverse massage, Lingam massage
2 Hours £200 Both naked full body massage, Intimate reverse massage, Lingam massage and assisted shower if desired.

Come visit me and treat yourself to a full body naked massage with a multitude of new sensations. You will be the full focus of  my attention with me relieving the the stress throughout every part of your body. With time pressure out of the way for an hour or two you will be set up to experience sensation like never before. Let me  calm your mind, body and spirit with pressure free gentle and sensual pleasuring, producing a heightened sense of awareness and sensation and feeling.

I will most likely use some Tantric breathing techniques to help relax you further and drift into a wonderful state of heightened relaxation in my warm and comfortable room. So if you want to experience the ultimate Nude massage, Naked Massage Naturist Massage or Tantric style sensual massage