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Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage Warwickshire, Warwick, Birmingham, Midlands


Erotic Massage by Abigail of Warwickshire.

What is an erotic massage and how does it differ from other styles of massage. Well with us both being completely undressed there is immediately a frisson of excitement and expectation. I will then be using a variety of special techniques to completely relax your body and your mind and directing your focus so you are able to enjoy and experience a heightened state of sensation. Reverse massage is available during an erotic massage which serves to add to the erotic nature of this truly wonderful experience.

You will be treated to a very special time where your sensual pleasure is my total focus. My erotic massage techniques always includes a lingam massage – the gentle sensual, soothing and incredibly intimate massage designed to guide you to the most heightened states of pleasure.

I want you to be able to experience the most erotic massage available in the Midlands, Birmingham, Coventry, and the NEC, so when you are thinking about treating yourself to the complete indulgence of an erotic massage just think Abigail of Warwickshire. It is of course best to book up in advance but you may also be able to call ahead on the same day.

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